Hello.  I am a professional indexer who produces back-of-the-book indexes that are thorough, concise, and on time.  I can tailor the index to your specifications and I have published indexes in run-in and indented styles, for trade and academic publishers.

   I graduated from Wesleyan University in CT with a B.A. in French Studies and the College of Letters.  This latter major is a Humanities major consisting of History, Literature and Philosophy.  I have a strong language background, with expertise in French Language and Literature, as well as an intermediate knowledge of German Language and Literature. 

   I am well-qualified to produce indexes in the following fields: Comparative Literature, Education, Feminist Studies, Government, History, Law, Philosophy, Psychology & Travel.  I welcome projects in other fields as well, and my skills are such that I can index textbooks and any non-fiction book in the Humanities.

   Please e-mail or telephone me if you have any questions or would like a free rate quote. 

     Jennifer Lillich:  e-mail- jenniferlillich@peoplepc.com, or phone: 434-244-3285